Waste-Free Weekend Warriors

A few weeks ago, while enjoying lunch outside in the finally changing PNW weather, a coworker joined me. She had the most adorable reusable napkin – white with small plants, leaves, and animals printed on it. I held up my reusable napkin – a boring, burnt orange from a pack of six – and complemented her on the conscientious and (in her case) stylish decision to … Continue reading Waste-Free Weekend Warriors

Women in the Mountains: Stop Saying Sorry

It was on the slippery bank of the Thorofare River in Denali National Park that I realized I was tired of apologies. I was on day two of a backpacking and camping trip through Alaska, traveling with a friend I’d met just a year earlier. She was an avid hiker, and we were often up for similar adventures – so when, on a whim, she … Continue reading Women in the Mountains: Stop Saying Sorry

Almond Joy Overnight Oats

Candy bar oatmeal: kid-tested, parent approved. Well, not parent approved, because I’m not a parent, but as a child-at-heart, this oatmeal is DELICIOUS. If you haven’t tried overnight oats when you’re out backpacking, I highly recommend it. You know those mornings when you want to get up early and get out of camp, and really really really don’t want to have to cook breakfast? Bam, … Continue reading Almond Joy Overnight Oats