Women in the Mountains: Stop Saying Sorry

It was on the slippery bank of the Thorofare River in Denali National Park that I realized I was tired of apologies. I was on day two of a backpacking and camping trip through Alaska, traveling with a friend I’d met just a year earlier. She was an avid hiker, and we were often up for similar adventures – so when, on a whim, she … Continue reading Women in the Mountains: Stop Saying Sorry

Six-Word Memoir

If you were on the internet at any point in 2010, you’ve probably heard of the Six-Word Memoir. The six-word memoir (which is exactly what it sounds like) started in Smith Magazine’s project, “It All Changed in an Instant.” Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s legendary six-word story, “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn,” the magazine invited readers and writers to share their life story in six … Continue reading Six-Word Memoir

2018’s Epic Adventure Gatherings

Alright, so it’s 2018! Does anyone else feel… absolutely no different? I mean, one day it’s 2017, the next day it’s 2018. I am the same person. Cleary, I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. The way I see it, the new year is really just an opportunity to ogle the newest Women of Climbing Calendar and test how quickly I can adapt to writing … Continue reading 2018’s Epic Adventure Gatherings

Gifts for Gearheads with Too Much Stuff

As the holiday season approaches, days get colder, and that familiar smell of peppermint-and-pine-and-spice fills the air, there’s another thought that hits my mind: time to start buying gifts. It’s not that I’m all of a sudden filled with amazing gift ideas and I’m ready to shop – oh no. I just see all the signs for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and think, oh … Continue reading Gifts for Gearheads with Too Much Stuff

Alaska Adventures: Part 1, Denali National Park

Sometime around mid-April of 2017, when I was particularly broke from spending money on my sister’s wedding and spending as much time outside (and as little time working) as possible in the rapidly improving PNW weather, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go backpacking in Alaska. After about a month of hesitating, and watching the cheap ticket prices slowly increase (and still, … Continue reading Alaska Adventures: Part 1, Denali National Park