Hey there!

For years, I’ve been saying I want to write a blog. I keep reading blogs and thinking, “I’ve got so much to say, I should blog too!” But when it has come down to it, writing is work. And when I’m not at *real* work (a term I use loosely, because I’m pretty well off on the work-food-chain) all I want to do is go outside. I just want to adventure.

I feel like that probably goes for a lot of people – we’re all like, “I’ve got so much to say, I should blog” but when free time rolls around, it’s like, “NO WAY, take me to the mountains.” Or to the kitchen, or out fishing, or the movies, or whatever the heck it is you’re passionate about.

So why blog? Well… I think writing is important. I’m an English Teacher’s Daughter, so that was drilled into me from a young age. But as an ETsD, I’ve learned that journaling helps me process certain experiences, and then be better at sharing them with others. Journaling is a great way to turn a personal experience into a relatable lesson. I created this blog is for that reason, to share my experience-gained knowledge with others. So here it is: my blog about going to the woods, and living an authentic outdoor lifestyle.