Summer Fashion Trends, Translated for Dirtbags

I recently did a Google search for came across an article from US Weekly on the Top Summer 2018 Fashion Trends, according to Instagram. It was all rather surprising to me, (starting with “wait when did Instagram become a resource for fashion”) until I realized that some of these trends are showing up in summer outdoor gear and apparel. While I’m 80% certain that most of us who live the outdoor lifestyle are either too poor or too lazy to care about whether or not our favorite camp t-shirt is #instacool, the outdoors is definitely hip right now; and this rise in trendiness means you are bound to find gear that meets your usage and style requirements.

So with the magic of the internet, I have compiled for you several adventure-ready options that supposedly fit the top fashion trends of the season. Do I think you should go buy this stuff? No. Is it going to make you look like a trendsetter at the campground? Maybe. Either way: by knowing what the rest of the world considers cool, us dirty mountain humans can attempt to be trendy.

Disclaimer: You probably want to skim US Weekly’s post first for this to make sense. Click here for that. Otherwise, just click on the titles to see the originally recommended items.

US Weekly’s #1: Statement Earrings

Adventure Version:

Arrow Woodworks Earrings


Okay, I’m starting with a hard one, because realistically there isn’t exactly an adventure-ready version of the statement earring. The idea of getting a long tassel earring caught under a pack strap just makes me shudder. But the earrings and other jewelry made by the guys over at Arrow Woodworks is the next best solution – they are a sustainable woodworking shop that makes outstanding jewelry for the environmentally conscious. Sure, they still probably shouldn’t go on a backpacking trip – after all, every ounce matters.

US Weekly’s #2: Tortiseshell Details

Adventure Version:

Sunski Olemas


Ya’ll this one was so easy! Sunski makes a great pair of sunglasses with a tortoiseshell detail. Bonus: they come with a sticker, a soft case, and won’t break if you gently sit on them. I speak from experience. Oh, and they protect your eyes.

US Weekly’s #3: Dad Sneakers

Adventure Version:

Hoka One One

hoka one one

I’m pretty sure that by “dad sneakers” they just mean colorful retro sneakers, and those are showing up all over the place. Forsake Footwear has some cool outdoor lifestyle sneakers, but if you really want to make a YOWZA statement with your feet, go for basically anything from Hoka One One. They come in about a thousand ridiculous colors, and are so comfortable that you’ll feel way cooler than you look. Guaranteed Dad Sneaker status… whatever that means. Bonus: they are great running shoes for those of us who love to heel strike and hate things that are boring.

US Weekly’s #4: Polka Dots

Adventure Version:

UBB Graphic Tees


Look, I’m sure that polka dots are making a comeback in the fashion world, and if US Weekly tells me it’s cool, then who am I to argue. But from what I have seen, graphic tees continue to school all other types of patterns and designs on outdoor gear everywhere. United by Blue has a ton of prints, and they do some pretty cool things for the environment as well. I know, it isn’t polka dot – so if you really want to buy in to this trend, Alternative Apparel has a couple shirts that fit the bill.

US Weekly’s #5: Denim Miniskirts

Adventure Version:

Athleta Trekkie Skort


Ah, the skort. Freedom to shamelessly flash the world. Thank you, skorts, for being the amazing hybrid from my childhood that has made a fierce comeback in the hiking world. Grab yourself a Trekkie Skort from Athleta, and presto! You’ll be blissfully jaunting through the ancient countryside just like this gal, and totally unconcerned about your undershorts inevitably riding up. Bonus: It’s practically a denim miniskirt! Okay, it isn’t denim, and it isn’t a miniskirt, but it is practical  – just don’t expect the fashion police to fall for that one.

Yet Another Disclaimer: The original post from US weekly included affiliate links to all these items on Nordstrom. I’ve removed those links, so anything you click on will just take you to the site. There are NO affiliate links in this post; so if you decide to buy a pink polka dot jumpsuit, I will not benefit monetarily from your bad decision.

So what did I miss? Anything cool out there that I should have mentioned? Leave it in the comments below! I’ll get to actual outdoor trends soon – but that’ll be more about sleeping bag insulation, or tents vs. hammocks, rather than fashion. Don’t get your hopes up.

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