Six-Word Memoir

If you were on the internet at any point in 2010, you’ve probably heard of the Six-Word Memoir. The six-word memoir (which is exactly what it sounds like) started in Smith Magazine’s project, “It All Changed in an Instant.” Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s legendary six-word story, “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn,” the magazine invited readers and writers to share their life story in six words. The result are these beautifully concise-yet-vivid snapshots into the author’s personality, life, and outlook.

As someone who’s life has taken a few dramatic turns in 26 short years, I find that I could probably write a drastically different six-word memoir for every half-decade I’ve lived. Maybe in middle school, my memoir would read, “Wish I was more like sister.” In high school, “Overly dramatic, on stage and off.” College: “Decisive on paper, doubtful in mind.” That’s what’s so cool about the six-word memoirs – they can capture a lot in so few words.

While I love the three above, they don’t cover my life up to this point. As I have have grown, I have changed, as we all do through life. I’ve spent considerable time thinking about what my six-word memoir would be for the here-and-now Miranda, and I think I’ve got it.


“Mostly terrified, but loving every minute.”

And there you have it.

What’s your six word memoir?




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