So You Want New Gear?

I’m going through another one of those need gear now phases. You know the one – where you just really, really, really want some new, shiny, piece of equipment to add to your growing collection. For me, right now, it’s new climbing shoes. I keep looking at them, thinking about buying them, even going as far as to add them to a digital shopping cart before changing my mind. But it’s still there, that nagging desire for something new.

I go through phases like this a few times a year. While I don’t enjoy shopping, and like to keep my number of possessions reasonably low, I still suffer from consumerism and the desire for something new. Mostly, new gear. This time, climbing shoes. Sometimes, a new pack, or a better sleeping bag.

The issue I run in to is when I actually NEED something new, I tend to put it off just as much as when I WANT something new. I end up hiking in too small boots, carrying a pack that gives me vicious bruises, or just shivering through the winter rather than purchasing something.

To combat this problem of procrastination, without giving in to the shiny-new draw of shopping therapy, I’ve created this helpful flow chart for myself. Hopefully it can help fellow gear heads decide whether or not they need to buy new, buy used, or not buy at all!

I’ve included a downloadable link below. Feel free to download, print, share, or post.

Do you get gear-buying cravings too? How do you combat the urge? Leave any tips, ideas, or stories in the comments!



A few notes: I highly recommend buying and selling gear on – you get paid quickly, and deal with the buyer first hand. Plus, unlike Craigslist or Ebay, it’s all gear – so you’re more likely to get an answer to your super-techy question about the grams of insulation on those boots you want.

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